Sian Johns

Sian Johns

I have been lucky enough to have a varied production career which began many moons ago at the BBC, supporting several different departments as a production assistant, often on location in the UK and abroad. 

I eventually moved over to work within the commercial services arm of the BBC producing in house ‘adverts’. This gave me a taste for being involved in bigger scale productions and I left to freelance as a PM in music videos and commercials, returning to the BBC some years later for a spell in drama.

In 2005 the opportunity to relocate from London to Brighton arose and I moved back into factual TV production which has always been closest to my heart.

Working as a Production Executive for Ricochet, Warner Bros. I looked after a range of factual output from single-camera docs to rig-based shows, live specials, with everything in between.

After serving with the company for over eleven years it felt like time take up a new challenge and in 2019 I joined Koska as Head of Production.  With a passion for great content, I hugely enjoy being part of the creative experience and thrive on playing a part in realising the editorial ambition of the Koska family.